In the Name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Most Merciful. All Praise is due to Almighty Allah , The Cherisher and Sustainer of the world. May the peace and Mercy of Allah be upon His Prophet Muhammad , his families , companions and followers..

We seek refuge in Allah Almighty from the evil of our souls and our sinful deeds. Ya Allah (O Allah)You have already given us of the kingdom. Originator of the heavens and the earth! You are our Protector in this world and the Hereafter..

O Allah! Forgive us what we have done in the past, and what we will do in the future, and what we have concealed, and what we have done openly, and what we have exceeded in every single parts of our undertakings. You are the Bringer-Forward, and You are the Delayer, there is no true god except You.

Allahumma Ya Zal Manni Wala Yamunnu Alaina

Ya Allah, all sublimity is for You at every incline and all praise is for You at all times under all conditions. Ya Allah , we seek Your assistance and humbly ask Your guidance , and we beseech Your forgiveness and return to You in repentance . We cherish faith in You and place our trust in You . We attribute all goodness to You , we are grateful to You and refuse to be ungrateful to You .

Allahumma Ya Hannan Ya Mannan ..

Let our efforts succeed well and secure success , make us fulfill our determination , give answer to our prayers , listen to our request , cause us to obtain the good of this world and the hereafter , gives much and more than our expectations .
Ya Allah , cleanse our hearts , unburden our emotions from hate and anger , show us the right path.

Ya Allah , Of Grace We ask You its perfection , and of mercy its completion , and of health its attainment of livelihood. We ask its comfort , and of life its happiness, and of virtue its completion , and of blessings its totality , and of graciousness its sweetness , and of benevolence the nearest.

Ya Allah , shower on us with happiness as our final end and fulfill for us our hopes beyond expectations. Join with well-being and good health our early mornings and dusky evenings , set Your Mercy as our final end and outcome. Give us piety as a provision and place our efforts in the strengthening of Your Religion. In You is ourtrust and upon You our dependence.

Ya Allah The first of the First and the last of the Last. The possessor of unshakeable power Raise our faith to reach the most perfect faith, and make our conviction to be the most excellent of convictions. Make our intention to be the best of intentions, and our actions to be the best of actions. Make us enjoy a righteous guidance which we do not seek to change , a path of truth from which we do not deviate , a well-guided intention which we do not doubt , Let us live so long as our life span in Your obedience.

Adorn us with the adornment of the righteous, and clothed us with the ornament of the pious, inspreading good behaviour, lowering the wing of humility, beauty of conduct, pleasantness in relationships , advancing towards excellence, preferring graciousness , avoiding condemnation, being gracious to the undeserving ,speaking the truth though difficult.

Ya Allah, You are the One Exalted in Power, the One Full of Knowledge between the good and evil; between the obvious and the unseen. Protect us from calamity and danger  from disturbances and strife; grant us our prayers; guide us to righteousness and to the path that You bless, provide us with people that are sincere, trustworthy, noble and honest; responsible in building a developed nation building a united people  we forever seek Your blessings, “Towards Excellence, Glory and Distinction” .

Ya Allah , make us speak with guidance , inspire us with piety , give us success for that which is most pleasure and employ us in what is most pleasing to You.

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim , make us enjoy moderation , place us among the people of right behaviour , guides to right conduct and the righteous servants .

Ya Allah , we come to seek Your forgiveness , we aim for Your pardon , we yearn for Your forebearance and we have confidence in Your kindness though we have nothing with us to entitle usto Your forgiveness nor is there anything in our actions which would make us deserve Your pardon .

Ya Allah, make our gathering here a blessed one , and our dispersion thereafter a guided and protected one. And make not any among of us a wretched or deprived one.

Ya Allah , make easy for us every difficult thing , with Your special favour and kindness , for it is easy for You to make every difficult thing easy .

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